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Lewis IT’s first customer

Customer contacted us and inquired on if we could build their mini storage for them if they provided us with the parts. Without hesitation, we assured them we could definitely do that for them. They also let us know that they intended on running TrueNAS on it and wanted to know if we could also install it and test it for them.

A few days later, we received all of the components which consisted of the Odroid H2 mini computer board, two 8gb RAM sticks, two 10TB WD hard drives, a type 1 odroid case and the SATA cables, of course. We were ecstatic that the customer chose us to help them build this for them.

It took no time at all for us to put it together and below are pictures of the finished product.

We then proceeded with installing TrueNAS on it by preparing a usb drive with Rufus and then booting into the BIOS of the odroid H2 and setting up the boot order to ensure the usb drive is booted first.

After it installed, we checked that all of the components were responding using the built-in system monitor within TrueNAS, which we were happy to see that they were. We reported this to the customer over a remote session and they confirmed that they were satisfied and were ready to proceed with closing out the deal.

This build was super fun and we might just go ahead and build one of these for ourselves here internally. If you have something similar you would like for us to help you with, do not hesitate to contact us.

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