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Security is our #1 priority, we take all necessary measures to protect sensitive data. Consider using our Keybase encryption prior to sending any sensitive/private data. Visit our Keybase profile here for more info.

Diagnostics: Our diagnostic services start at $39.99. If you would like for us to find out what is going on with a device or computer on your network but choose not to have us fix the problem, then all you pay is 39.99. If choose to let us fix the issue after diagnosing it, then we waive the diagnostic fee and all you pay is the price of the service (whatever that may be).

Billing Rates: Our consulting rates start at $125 per hour for small businesses and we bill in 1 hour blocks of time. First time business customers require a 1 hour minimum purchase block of time. There are no restrictions for residential customers.

The above rates are applicable during our normal business hours which are Monday to Friday from 10am-7pm, Saturday from 10am-3pm.

Warranty:  There is not a way to apply warranty on the type of work we perform. If there is a problem with an installation, we can come back out and take a look but there is not a way to warrant that type of work. We will, however, make the proper recommendations so that you are fully informed before you make a decision, we just ask that you let us know if there is a limit on the amount of hours that are spent per session (if an implementation requires consecutive visits to your home or business).

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When you are ready to move forward, get in touch with us by calling 240-784-1221 or by using the form here

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